About the founder of the company Thiru R.P.Sarathy – 1931 saw the birth of the founder of the Narasu’s group of Companies. A self-made personality whose career resumed in the raw age of 17 and today the stalwart has created a group of companies.

R.P.Sarathy, the pillar of support for a big joint family, gained immense knowledge and became a successful businessman with self-employment, hard work and practical life experiences. He is a dynamic leader, a social worker, a philanthropist and a true loyal citizen of India. An honest taxpayer believes in giving back to a country that has given him so much. He reached the pinnacle of success with diversity in business

In the year 1966, he established the firm Narasu's Coffee Company. As Managing Partner of the company he popularised the brand name 'Narasu's' and the name got familiar and became well known in India and overseas for its consumer and industrial products. For decade's customers, product users, members of the household, business associates got to recognise and associate the brand 'Narasu's' with Quality, Consistency and excellent Customer service.

He ventured and diversified the business into varied industries:

Narasu’s Saarathy Enterprises Private Limited ( formerly known as Narasu’s Roller Flour Mills)

  • Narasu’s Spinning Mills
  • Narasu’s Export
  • Narasu’s Saarathy Jewellery
  • Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology
  • Narasu’s Sarathy Industries and others.

How the firm got started?

In 1988 founder's son (Late ) P.Muralikrishnan initiated a new venture – Installing a roller flour mill and thereby the Partnership firm 'Narasu's Roller flour mills' evolved and commenced commercial production in the year 1989. In the year 2012, the firm got converted to a Private Limited company 'Narasu's Saarathy Enterprises Private Limited.' About the journey of the company Narasu's Saarathy Enterprises Private Limited: (Formerly Narasu’s Roller Flour Mills)

The company is situated in 'Salem' at the foothills of the lush Shevaroy Hills in Salem District, Tamilnadu, South India, and India. Proud to mention that today this flour mill stands out as one among the top big five flour mills in the state of Tamil Nadu. The company is a member of the Roller Flour Millers Federation, New Delhi, a member in the South Miller Confederation Bangalore and a member of Tamilnadu Roller Flour Mills Association, Chennai. In 1989 the company commenced it's commercial production. The company manufactures and markets wheat products - Maida, Sooji, Atta, Whole wheat atta and Bran and sell them to both Bulk and Retail market segments in India & abroad.

The infrastructure in Narasu’s is high raised superstructure, and the inside is spacious to enable convenient day to day functioning. The machinery & equipment are all up to date and inbuilt with the latest mechanism & technology. Mimic panel controls the entire production right from raw material receiving up to product bagging. Flour blending station helps to store and bag the perfect blend of the product as is specified by the customer.

Since its inception in 1989, the company has seen growth in sale volume. There was no looking back after the start. The first year saw the sale of 15000 metric and today had multiplied its sale multifold times to 75000 metric tonnes plus. The company improved and increased its market sale year on year. It followed system management and certified with ISO 22000, HALAL and FSSAI standards. Narasu’s is the first company to produce varieties of flour to suit different market segments. Today the company proclaims that it can give product well suited to the need of the customer as it well understands Extensive knowledge of the products and its characteristics have proven results with tremendous sale growth. The company has developed exclusive quality products, and it is the first company to have developed varieties of flour, i.e. Different flours for different end uses. Parota flour, bakery flour, all-purpose flour, biscuit flour and all other speciality flour The management in Narasu’s is dedicated and work full time. In-house Procedures have been developed and are strictly adhered to by employees. The team of employees are experienced and skilled, dedicated to fulfilling all the responsibilities relied on them. They who are willing to adapt and comply with all the system requirements and follow the procedures laid down by the company. They are trained and well aware of the process controls in all the stages of production bringing proper co – ordination of man & machine. With three decades continuous supply to various sectors in the market, the company has gained immense knowledge and understanding about a customer’s need. The three-decade travel has taught the company a resolving mechanism to overcome an impediment of any kind with applying practical solutions to a problem.

The motto of the company is to ‘Endeavour to do better and better and keep on improving. The sky being the limit.'