Corn (maize), wheat and rice are the three most important crops in the world. They are also the backbone of Narasu’s Merchants activities. As the global market continues to grow, particularly in developing countries, there is a widening mismatch between where crops are produced and where they are consumed. Complex geopolitics, extreme climate conditions and economic uncertainty mean trade in basic foodstuffs has never been more important.

It’s a big opportunity, and Narasu’s is well placed to meet this growing need. With our integrated value chain, we can make the right connections. We supply high-quality commodity products to end-customers.

The integrated business and its ability to supply from alternative origins ensures competitiveness as a supplier and allows Narasu’s merchants to meet the specialized requirements of all its customers. With a focus on sustainability, safety, reliability and the high quality of its supply chain, marketing and processing activities, Narasu’s Merchants is committed to safeguarding its customers, employees, local communities and the environment