Milling is the single activity of a roller flour mill. The mantra of the industry is “Get out the best from the wheat." Wheat is the only raw material of the flour milling industry.

Wheat is procured from different agricultural areas of the various states so naturally the nature and characteristics of the grain tend to differ accordingly. Good flour is got when man and machine couple together with purchase and milling (machine & experience)

Flour milling : Wheat flour is produced much more than any other flour, and there are many types of wheat flour. Milling of wheat to make flour is a multi-dimensional process wherein different areas wheat is milled to produce different varieties flour. With over three decades experience in the milling industry, we have developed and refined milling and can give specific types of flour. Independent parotta makers, bread, chapatti, roti & tepla makers, various bakery foods manufacturers, major food producers, biscuit manufacturers, kinds of pasta, pizzas &noodles companies and retail customers, etc. source the flour for the manufacture of a various number of food products. There is a demand in India and abroad for specialised flour, and the need is seen surging higher and higher year after year. The demand is growing tremendously with rapid speed, and that gives us the chance to emerge as important suppliers for the market.

Wheat Milling is the process wherein selected wheat passes through various manufacturing processes that include:

Cleaning - The process in which wheat (with the foreign material) are separated by its size, shape and weight. It passes a series of machinery to retain only the pure grain.
The Clean wheat is then transferred to get conditioned.

The Clean wheat is then transferred to get conditioned.

Conditioning - The Wheat is moistened to loosen the outer bran from the endosperm. Controlled water is infused to moisten the wheat kernel.

Milling - Milling is the separation of bran from the endosperm with breaking, grinding and sifting the endosperm to get uniform flour. High precision machinery is used for breaking, grinding and sifting functions.

Flour blending - The flour varieties are transferred to individual Silos. Computerised programmed flour blending, first of its kind in India are used to blend and produce specified flour. A perfect combination of flour composite is mixed per the requirement of the customer.

Flour packing - The flour is packed into bags and ready to cater to the bulk and retail segments.

With a futuristic vision, ethical business philosophies and good manufacturing practices, it is well realised that the need is to empower ourselves and keep upgrading milling efficiency with next generation technology to suitably cater to the market requirement. We endeavour to conquer each and every unachievable milestone and deploy the maximum out in the state of art machinery. The mantra 'Get out the best from the wheat' is used here. It is a necessity to continuously research and maintain that edge to keep us above the others. This will give the industry an absolute authority over other players. The fundamental motto is the optimum utilisation of existing business operations to maximise business opportunities is indeed well balanced with equal considerations towards the kind of manufacturing facilities that have been installed in the industry. Here in Narasu's, it is the deployed state of the art machinery that ensures maximum production capacity with minimum wastage while maintaining prescribed environmental and health standards as per statutory requirements.

Our Milling Plants

Milling of wheat in Narasu’s is done with modern, automated machines of latest innovated technology. The machinery is very efficient right from receiving of grain until the packing of wheat products. The entire operation is completed in a clean and hygienic method, untouched by hands.

Narasu’s has two roller Milling plants named - A & B

A & B Roller Flour Mills Mill is fully equipped to handle with ease the growing demand for speciality flours. Products – Maida, Sooji, Atta and Bran.

The two mills are Fully automated installed by GBS, Germany & by Buhler, Switzerland with a milling capacity of 72,000 tonnes per annum.

The unit has a Traditional Chakki Plant. Plant C – a horizontal grinding plant to that is part and parcel of the milling facilities.

Bran is the by- Product got from the three milling plants and are for cattle feed.

The three milling plants are all located in one premise. The mills are functional. Cleaning and milling machinery are imported and of high-end precision. Fully automated and technology updated to the latest innovations. Innovation and advanced technology are paramount not only in providing quality but solutions to customers.

Customers have specific needs and our specialised milling with the blending facility gives all the flexibility to produce and mix the flour, tailor make it to suit the specific requirement of our customers.